Fresh Start is a new approach to setting (and getting) your business + soul goals.

Achieve your goals with joy and ease as you build your plan with intention and get into strategic action using the Fresh Start Workbook as your guide.

Grab your Fresh Start workbook now – because it’s always a good time for a Fresh Start.


You’re smart! You GOT this! Only sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way. You want less admin work and more afternoon walks. Less “What do I do next?!” and more “Yes, another Merlot, please.”

AND that’s why you have a list, right?

But they don’t get you hot. Not even lukewarm.

What about a list of what you want your life to look like?

A vision of how you want your business to feel?
That brings into focus the things that really (really) red hot matter – business, life, YOU – and Makes. Them. Happen.

You don’t need another guru’s method.
You don’t want a new scheduling system.
And please, no more timers dinging when it’s time to do stuff you don’t want to do.

You want a planner that lets you run your business YOUR way – and somehow still gets it done.

That allows you to cut out all the crap you don’t want to do and laser focus on what lights you UP. 

You want a planner that can literally change your business and your life and show you how to magnify your own unique magic and start every day with a secret smile.


Introducing Fresh Start - the business planner that plans ,you.


–State of the Small Business Owner

Fresh Start is a new approach to setting (and getting) your business and soul goals.

Fresh Start is a business plan that not only shows you how to keep your dearest goals in sight, but how to pursue them with less effort and (much) higher impact. 

And there’s no need to wait for New Years! Fresh Start is designed for you to kickstart the new you right now. 

When you purchase Fresh Start, you get instant access to the only business plan your business will ever need. Tested and approved by hundreds of business owners, it’s the 220 page, powerful plan you need to build a business that feels like YOU.

The 2024 Fresh Start workbook isn’t a course – it’s a planning and get-in-action guide. In this workbook and planning guide we’ll walk you step by step through building your plans and getting in action to bring your business goals to life.

Here’s what you’ll be using to build the business of your dreams:

get in action using the strategic fresh start framework:


Girl, if you’re going to do this thing, you may as well start right. This very first section will, of course, welcome you in, offer you a drink, show you around, and make sure you know where everything is. But more importantly, it will ensure that you take your first steps in the right direction. Because working toward the right things is so much smarter (and easier, and sexier) than working harder. You’ll:

Reflect + Celebrate

It’s so easy to rattle off all the new things you want. But it’s so important to acknowledge the good things you’ve had. Reflect + Celebrate has you look back to go forward. Including:


Whatever success looks like to you, (Sweatpant CEO, flying first class, afternoon coffee dates with zero guilt, screaming crowds demanding to know how you did it) you’re not going to get there without a little bit of prep work.

Get In Action

This is where the magic happens. All that prep work is about to become your big, beautiful blueprint for a dead sexier business and always-been-sexy-but-now-even-better you. And once it’s a plan, it’s time for some ACTION!


Prioritize Everything

…So what do you do first? Excellent question! And one you can sort out in this section.

Fresh Monthly Start

The Money Maker

If you’ve ever wished for an automatic accountant, your dreams are about to come true. The Money Maker is an automatic spreadsheet – you fill in the info and it does all the calculating for you. Hallelujah!

You’ll also get mini tools you come to depend on like:

limited print quantities available .

Don’t worry, my Analogue Queens, hardcopies are available now with everything included in the digital copy plus:

*You can never be late for your destiny.

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Fresh Start is the only planner you’ll find that infuses YOU into every step of your business plan.

So you can build the empire of your dreams that leaves you with that twirling-your-poofy-skirt-in-front-of-the-mirror feeling. 

If you want to get off the entrepreneur treadmill and develop razor sharp focus, even if you’ve tried planning your goals before, even if you’re not 100% sure what you want for your business, even if you’re not a “plan it out” kinda girl, you need Fresh Start. 

Savvy Fresh Starters can buy now and save money by grabbing their Fresh Start digital for only $42.

Analogue Queens! You can get your hardcopy of Fresh Start for $79.99 – which includes a digital copy so you can start your transformation right now while your luxury planner races to your door. 


Here’s what others have to say about The Fresh Start Workbook and Planning Guide

Meet The Fresh Maker


From single, 18 year old mom to present day globe-trotting, duel-business-owning entrepreneur, Amber McCue’s on a fiery mission to help business owners kick down the walls of what’s “expected” and create the business that lights them UP – to get MORE done with LESS effort, reach their dreams with less stress and feel like Business Wonder Woman while they’re at it. 

Amber is a Business Operations Expert who studied Organization Development in Johns Hopkins’ MBA program. So you know she can whip your business into shape! 

But after working with hundreds of small businesses, she realized something was missing: Building business with soul. 

There’s no point in creating a business if it drains you – if it doesn’t give you the freedom you crave. 

So she threw out the old formula and created her own system that fuses your business goals with your personal aims and Makes. Them. Happen. 

And Fresh Start was born. 

Now, it’s the only planner like it – that plans you AND your business and shows you how to create freedom with less stress and way more fun. 

And Amber knows goals aren’t just for January so Fresh Start is designed for you to jump in anytime inspiration to go for it strikes.

Download your copy today and set your business goals with soul!

Fresh Start is for you,
the entrepreneur who:

Fresh Start is for any business owner who wants focus so sharp, she can get away from her desk in record time, with all her Must Dos done, and enjoy her day while the money rolls in.

If you’re SO OVER being held back by ALL THE THINGS, download Fresh Start now and create a business (and life) of stop-and-smell-the-roses freedom. 

In one month, you could be scrolling through Insta, asking how the Big Fish are doing it. Or you could download Fresh Start now and create the ready-set-GOAL business plan that shows you how to create a business and life you love.


The Fresh Start Workbook and Planner has helped thousands of entrepreneurs plan for success since 2016.


Pick your choice of workbook – the standalone digital workbook or purchase the digital workbook + printed workbook. Digital workbook arrives to your inbox immediately after purchase. Printed workbooks will ship 2-3 business days after order while supplies last.

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